Skolen for Visuel Kommunikation

Website, identity & showreel

Skolen for Visuel Kommunikation(SVK) at UC SYD needed a digital platform and identity to showcase the amazing projects and capabilities of the students to potential new students and people in the industry.


An old front sign has greeted the students for many years.
This inspired the new logo.

Showreel on front page

Front page

Subpage: Cases

Case example


My main role in this project was designing, prototyping and launching the website. The website is build with WordPress using a custom theme and plugins.


We are hungry to learn!


With the five basic taste components: Salt, Bitter, Sour, Sweet and Umami as creative metaphors, we’ve created a conceptual identity that communicates the essence of SVK.

A student’s POV

The majority of the students has moved from other parts of the country. The students have passion to this proffession and a goal to improve in common. which have brought them to Haderslev. The small city simple life .. brings an unique oppotunity to engage fully in the education.

Salt enhances flavor. We enhance communication with design. With bitter coffee and long nights, we get by with our spicy creative process, and combined with the sweet student life, we’re tied together with our common passion for graphic design.”

Julie Nüchel, Marlene Fournaise, Mia McCaul, Martin Littau, Livija Yde & Oliver Young(Sound design)