OTA Solgryn

Packaging concept
Student project

A limited edition packaging that makes OTA Solgryn stand out among the fun cereals in the supermarket and promotes the healthier choice among cereals to both adults and children. 


OTA Solgryn is the most well known Danish oat meal brand. Their characteristic red boxes is known by generations of danes.

The healthy cereals
The fun cereals

In the supermarket you can see a clear division in cereals packaging.

The “healthy” cereals has earthy colors and product shots in focus. Across the aisle the “fun” cereals is filled with fun character designs and bright colors.


The new packaging combines healthy with fun and makes the healthier choice stand out. 

The design still includes recognizable elements from the original box and trustworthy brand.

The new shape is different from other cereals’ standard regtangular boxes, and when empty the tractor can easily be reused as a toy.