Provoking to rethink

Campaign, brand identity

School project, 2020

Kunsthal 6100 is a small contemporary art space in Haderslev, Southern Jutland. 

Through exhibitions, concerts, events, workshops and much more Kunsthal 6100 wants to “provoke rethinking” in this small town.


We were asked to further develope the brand identity — to attract the locals and to differentiate Kunsthal 6100 from other art spaces in Denmark. We also developed a campaign based around predjudices. 


“Now, I don’t know much about art, but…”

Campaign concept

By taking prejudices against art and rethinking them, we are communicating what Kunsthal 6100 is about.



Our inspiration for the design was Post-its, since they are a symbol of creativity, ideas and co-creation.

Business cards

Main logo (redesign)

Subbrand logo

(Filosofi Udenfor Skolen)

This project unfolded during the pandemic and lockdown in spring 2020. Therefor all communication took place online. 

Team – Ea Elenora Fensholt, Martin Littau & Carina Sølbek Hansen